Lucy, Accounts Payable

I have been working with your company for 4 or 5 years now since our residential homes have been ordering from All-Brand New England. I wanted to tell you what a great accounts receivable employee you have, Keila. I have been working with Keila since we started with All-Brand, from day one she was always letting me know when invoices were not paid, or credits needed to be used, she has been amazing. Yesterday, I sent her an email asking for a Workers Comp Certificate, as I was not able to send a payment unless I had it, I had it within two hours. She is a blessing to me as we are a big agency, and she keeps me on top of my invoices. So thank you for hiring her, she is an amazing asset to your company.

Brittany, Intake and Assessment Coordinator

I just wanted to reach out and let you know about the amazing service we had on Friday during our delivery. I unfortunately was off, but today when I came in I was informed of the great service we had. What information I do have is the deliverer, Mike went above and beyond to assist the fill in cook for the day. I was told Mike helped with assuring that all items were accounted for and was thorough with checking off the items and answering any questions. Mike was friendly and did not leave until he assured he was no longer needed, this is greatly appreciated as our cook was on vacation and it can be difficult for the fill in to understand the deliveries at times. We would like to thank Mike for being such a great help, well-mannered, and a great attitude. Thank you all of your help and great service!

Nancy, Program Director

All-Brand has excellent customer service! They are responsive to your calls and quick to correct any issues that arise with your order. The website is easy to navigate making ordering a snap. As a smaller program, I also appreciate being able to order singles of items which isn’t always an option with some of the other food vendors who require you to order cases. Thanks All-Brand!

Cindy & Staff

We want to thank everyone at All-Brand New England for their continued support and caring when it comes to the importance of child care providers. They are quick to get what you need, call when something has changed, respond when necessary, and always provide the utmost service to their customers including all our delivery service providers. Looking forward to a continued great partnership. If you want a service who gives a hoot, All-Brand New England is that service.

Abigail, Executive Director

All-Brand is excellent at finding and providing our favorite items that meet our community’s needs. As a large preschool, we discover new foods on a regular basis- from Kefir to Edamame- but still must be mindful of our allergy restrictions. When we suggest an item, All-Brand finds it and supplies it for us. All-Brand helps us find products that meet all of our needs.


Always reliable and the drivers are courteous. A pleasure to do business with every month!

Francesca, Program Manager

It is our pleasure to highly recommend Paul Robbat and All-Brand New England as a food supply source for adult day health programs. We have been working Paul and All-Brand since February 2012.

For years we had a relationship with a large commercial food supplier. The service was great but we often had to buy large quantities of items in order to receive just the few we needed. With All-Brand we can order just was we need- even one package of something- and not spend extra money up front and store extra inventory on site.

There is a HUGE difference in pricing as well. We are under our food budget by a significant amount this year; as a non-profit organization cost is very important to us. Paul and his team always research the best price and product to fit our needs.

The quality of service at All-Brand is excellent. Paul is always available to answer questions and the staff in the Lawrence office is knowledgeable and quick to solve any issues or answer any questions. Someone is always ready to help.

We are happy to recommend All-Brand as a food supplier for adult day health programs. Feel free to call with any additional questions or concerns.


I take time off in the winter and All-Brand made it easier for me to leave knowing I didn’t have to ask my staff to spend their weekends out doing our shopping for the center. We truly appreciate the delivery service and the time it saves all of us during our busy days. Thanks for the services you provide.

Dawn, Center Director

I have worked at three different venues that have had their business with All-Brand New England. I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone I have dealt with at your company. From calling with general questions to placing orders to the help and cooperation of the people who deliver the products. Everyone is extremely helpful no matter who I have had to deal with and on what level. You should be very proud of the employees that you have working for your company.

Megan, Assistant Director

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to the staff at All-Brand, specifically Nick and Breny. In this most recent blizzard, I submitted my order late and called after 5:00 to leave a message that I knew it was late and with the bad weather, they could take all the time they needed to deliver. I even told my staff that they were going to have to make due because I wasn’t sure when the supplies would be in. Imagine my surprise when Nick showed up on Tuesday morning with everything requested!

This is not the first time Breny has gotten me out of a bind (and I am sure not the last!). She is always so quick to respond and does whatever she can to make it work for me. She always has a, “yes” attitude. We are so lucky to have someone as helpful as Nick. Anyone who works in child care know how things can change in just a second and it is great to have someone as patient as he is to wait it out for me! He always has a positive attitude and a warm smile.


I really appreciate the support provided to my center by All-Brand and would suggest them to any child care.

Brenda, Director

I wish more people did customer service the way you folks did! Love it! Thank you.

Karen, Center Director

Paul, I just want to thank you for bringing us into the All-Brand New England family! We have had the best experience working with your company. Running a busy day care is stressful enough without worrying about our food and supply order. With All-Brand that has never been an issue. Your drivers are courteous enough and truly helpful, and the orders are delivered at the expected time. This is so important when you are dealing with babies and children whose needs are immediate. When there is an issue, such as a backordered item (which is rare), your office is also very eager to help and calls are always returned promptly. The ordering process is easy and very customer friendly, all done online. Needless to say, I am so happy that we made the switch from a larger, national chain to your small, local business with superb customer service. And as if all of this was not reason enough to recommend your company, we have also seen a savings of about 30% by making this change. Thank you for all you do to make this experience so satisfying, and the absolute right one for us.

Caryn, Center Director

Active Day Center of Hingham has been purchasing supplies from All-Brand since March of 2009. We cannot be happier with our decision to change from one of the larger distributors to All-Brand. The attention and assistance given to us by all the staff at All-Brand, from the people in the corporate office, to the delivery men, has been done so in a dedicated, friendly and timely manner. We are not only pleased with the service, but also the quality of the products we receive. No request is ever too large or small or too difficult for All-Brand. Thank you.

Joan, Director

I am writing to inform you that this week’s delivery will be our last one for this school year. I want to thank you for the quality of service that you have provided and look forward to seeing you again in the fall. We love the man who delivers our orders. He is personable, professional and accommodating. Always a pleasure when he stops in.

 Leslie, Director

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how happy we are with All-Brand. Everyone we deal with has been exceptionally nice and helpful. All of the drivers have been great. The driver that we have had the last two weeks has gone above and beyond. He has been accommodating, professional and so polite to everyone he comes across. Please let him know how much we appreciate him. Thank you.


 All-Brand New England has been an amazing company to work with. They are never stagnant; they are always striving to improve the quality of work. I especially enjoy ordering from their online ordering guide that is customized to my needs. If they don’t stock the item I’m looking for, they will go out of their way to get it for me, while providing the best price possible. As well, as they split their cases free of cost. On the occasion that I forgot to put an item on my order guide for that week, All-Brand will go out of their way to make a special delivery of the item. If I am not satisfied with an item or have ordered the wrong item, they will exchange it or reimburse us for the cost. All-Brand feels more like a family than a corporation. They’re always happy to help you- from the owner down to the delivery person asking where you would like items delivered in the building.

Maxine, School Age DirectoR

Paul, I am very satisfied with everything so far. The clear juice is a big hit with the kids! The online ordering is extremely user friendly and I was pleasantly surprised at the large variety you have to offer. The driver was very personable and in a great mood considering the pouring rain!


I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the service I have been receiving since switching to All-Brand New England last month. From our initial meeting, where you were able to assess my company’s needs, to the courteous manner in which each order is delivered, you have exceeded my expectations. It is important to me, as a small business owner, to feel connected to my vendors. Working with All-Brand New England, I receive a friendly order reminder call each and have direct access to the owners should any concerns arise. The product selection works perfectly for my child care center’s needs and I am benefitting from a substantial cost savings from my previous food vendor. I thank you for the personalized service that you provide and look forward to our continued working relationship.


All-Brand New England has been a key partner in our success. Their unique service has allowed us to focus more of our time on our core business.


Things have been great! We appreciate all you have done to make each order we make very accommodating.


Thank you so much for accepting this order early and delivering before next Thursday. We truly appreciate the flexibility and it will certainly help relieve some stress from our upcoming visit from our SVP.


John the manager is very helpful and the drivers are very friendly.

Kathy Cheng

I appreciate your professional service. The driver is always helpful, cheerful and friendly. So are the staff at All-Brand New England.

Debra, Director

We are very pleased with your service. The drivers are polite, courteous, jovial, professional and helpful. They exemplifies what good service should be! I have referred many directors to you!! 5 Star Quality!

Francesca, Program Manager

All-Brand has GREAT customer service. If we need something that’s not on the list, they’ll find it. If we have any issues with products, delivery, billing, etc., they are quick to respond and accommodate our needs. We LOVE All-Brand New England!


Jose is the best. We are very happy he is our delivery guy and provides excellent customer service each week....just thought you guys should know that over there! :)

Linda, Family Case Housing Manager

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for an amazing service all year round. We cannot say enough about how well, kind and caring Casa Nueva Vida residents and staff are treated from your staff.

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